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Designer & Creator Laurie Calkins of Bare and Me

I love to design, just about anything. I started out in Interior Design and worked for many years in this field. I am also a painter and would do all of our custom paint for our projects. I have always been hands on in everything I do, almost to hands on. I believe that the l o v e is in the details of work and anyone who works for me knows this.

I started designing jewelry in 2000 as a hobby and soon developed a love for the creation of these beautiful, shiney baubles. I have an awesome amount of respect for all designers. It takes an inner vision and I am truly blessed to have had this genetically passed down. All of my Grandparents had a huge influence in my life. My Mothers parents were in the musical arts. They were a very popular piano & singing duo in South Wales. Pretty famous in our village of Mumbles and surrounding area. My Fathers parents were also very talented crafters. My Grandfather, an expert in needle point. I have many of his creations in my home. My Mimi, well she taught us to sew, paint, bake & to be Martha Stuart. My sister and I are capable of just about anything thru the influence of our beloved Grandparents. We were very lucky to have had such people to have taught us these gifts.

We also own and operate several restaurants in Maryland & Virginia and we have just signed a deal to franchise our Brand. My husband gets all the kudos' for this, I am just the CFO. I work very hard but my love design for jewelry is my passion. AS you can tell, I am a very busy person but I love what I do, all of it…

My daughters Jessica & Samantha help me build this brand with their knowledge of computers and blogging. My son and husband, well they think this is women's work, lol. I can not complain, my life is great. So know this, I love to work and especially for YOU.

My very best,




Editor and Chief of our BLOG Bare and Me

Jessica Calkins


Creative. Inspired. Passionate.

I am just a young 24-year-old girl, who is finding her way through the design industry & developing my own design style.

I have grown up with the love of thrifting, crafting & design.

Though I changed my major 4 times, I finally decided to study what I have loved for most of my life, Interior Design. I graduated from Marymount University with a Bachelor’s in Interior Design & have worked with a handful of designers in the D.C. area who have molded my professionalism as an Interior Designer.

If I do one thing, I hope that I inspire you to find your own unique style.

Samantha Calkins

The face of Bare and Me