She’s the opposite of a girly girl, but still appreciates handmade things. When she wears jewelry it is simple and dainty and doesn’t draw much attention to her. When shopping for her, choose gender-bending pieces that destroy social norms and allow her to be herself.

She is polished and poised and her beauty is timeless like Audrey Hepburn or Anna Karina. She tends to go for the simple and standard pieces of jewelry like pearls or dainty necklaces. When shopping for gifts for her, look for timeless pieces that will never go out of style.

She is always hip to what the latest and greatest fashion trends are, and always aims to be one step ahead. For her, choose gifts that are on-trend and push the limits of fashion.

She tends to stray away from the norm and prides herself on being an individual. She likes anything handmade and things that compliment her sense of wanderlust. You can’t go wrong with some bohemian statement pieces or one-of-a-kind jewelry as gifts.

She is always on the go and is queen of the night life. This lady loves to make a statement and wants all eyes on her when she enters the room. When shopping for her, aim for flashy, funky jewelry with a bit of edge and a lot of color.

She lives to work and can usually be found at the office. For this woman, you want to aim for more classic and simple jewelry as gifts. Look for pieces that can compliment her professional attire and keep her looking sleek and powerful.