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Survey Please!

My friend is doing her senior research project on the perceived ‘glass ceiling’ in the field of public relations. Due to the fact that according to PRSA women make up about 70-75% of the field of public relations, yet very few of them are seen at the top. As part of her study she is surveying, 75-100 male or female PR practitioners over the age of 18, in order to determine whether there is a difference between male and females responses in terms of a glass ceiling being present or not.

Please help her reach her goal by reading the information below and clicking on the link for the survey…

Dear Participant,


Public Relations Practitioner Study

Communication Studies Department

Wilkes University


The purpose of this survey is to determine why a “glass ceiling” is prominent in a female dominated profession, that field specifically being public relations. According to PRSA women make up about 70-75% of the PR profession, yet still very few are seen on top. This survey is part of primary investigator, Priscilla Bonilla, senior capstone thesis in communication studies, and is being conducted under the supervision of Dr. Mark Stine, Chair of the Communication Studies Department.


The demographic form will provide general background info that will assist the researcher, in categorizing and graphing the survey responses according to the demographics provided by the participant. The survey questions are an attempt to answer whether PR practitioners believe a “glass ceiling” is prominent in PR. The survey questions may also provide a difference in interpersonal styles between male and female practitioners. The survey should take approximately 5-10 minutes and the participant must be over the age of 18.


Participation in this empirical research will present no significant risks to the participant. Your participation is entirely voluntary, and you may discontinue participation at anytime during the completion of the survey. If you choose to partake your responses will help to strengthen and potentially create an opening to surpassing the perceived “glass ceiling.”


All information you provide the researcher with will remain confidential and used for research purpose only. The only people who will have access to the responses are the researcher, Priscilla Bonilla, and her academic supervisor, Dr. Stine.


For questions regarding the research, please contact Priscilla Bonilla at 267.455.8773 or priscilla.bonilla@wilkes.edu.


For questions regarding participant’s rights, please contact Wilkes University’s IRB Office at 570.408.4241.


By completing the following survey, you are agreeing you have read the above information and are giving consent to participate in this study.


The Wilkes University institutional Review Board has approved this project. Please contact Dr. Linda Gutierrez, IRB Chair at Linda.gutierrez@wilkes.edu, phone number: 570-408-4636, if you have any questions.

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