• Gray is the New Beige
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Gray is the New Beige

  1. a pale sandy yellowish-brown color.
    “tones of beige and green”
    synonyms: fawn, pale brown, sand, buff, sandy, oatmeal, khaki, biscuit, coffee, coffee-colored, cafe au lait, camel, ecru

Is anyone else tired of this lack-luster, mind-numbing color we call beige? I know I am and I am ready for the HOTTEST color this year…GRAY! Gray is such a versatile color and has a wide range of hues, shades, and tones that create different sensations within a space. Gray can be used to create a glamorous, calming, or edgy space. The wide range of warm and cool grays compliment beautiful colors such as blush, yellow, red, white (some of my favorites). It can be used in a classic, transitional, or modern design! What do you think about gray? Check out some of these spaces that incorporated gray into there space.

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Xo, Jessica Calkins

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