• 7 Unique Wedding Venues for Creative Couples
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7 Unique Wedding Venues for Creative Couples

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While classic couples tend to embrace traditional weddings, others yearn to step outside of the box and make a statement, with everything from their attire to their favors. But, one major way you can truly break away from the norm is with an unexpected wedding venue.

To set the scene for an unforgettable and unparalleled wedding celebration, choose a venue that’s entirely out of the ordinary. Not just any old place will do. Leave your guests with their jaws on the floor as you say “I do” in one of these creative spaces.

  1. At a Conservatory or Botanical Garden.

unique wedding venue

Imagine being surrounded by flowers of all kinds, fountains, and high glass ceilings. There’s really nothing quite like it. A conservatory or botanical garden is an absolutely exquisite atmosphere for a wedding. Plus, with the natural greenery and the colorful aesthetic, there’s no need to spend extra money on decorations. This venue truly speaks for itself.

  1. At an Iconic Theater or Library.

creative wedding venues

Historic libraries or theaters make extravagant and eclectic backdrops for couples to say “I do.” Since they’re iconic places, the architectural details are sure to be breathtaking and the ambiance is sure to be ideal. If you choose a theater, you could be married on stage. If you choose a library, you could be married amongst some of the greatest love stories and classic poems of all time. There are so many themes you can play up in these settings; choosing one will be a blast!

  1. In a Museum.

wedding venues for creative couples

Art museums are often used as wedding venues, but there are so many other types of museums that have spaces to rent after-hours. Check out natural history, air and space, city, and children’s museum for your venue. You’ll have entertainment built-in with exhibits surrounding you, so your guests will never be bored. Sometimes staff members may even be available to provide guided tours during your cocktail hours!

  1. Public Parks — City, State, or National

national park wedding

Public parks, whether local, state, or national, provide a beautiful backdrop for your wedding festivities. Make it intimate or make it grand, but be sure to do your research. These spots often work best for the ceremony, rather than the reception. Regardless, the scents, sounds, and sights of nature are sure to WOW you and your guests.

  1. In the air.

creative wedding venues

The saying “swept off your feet” takes on an entirely new meaning with these venues. How would you like to get married up in the air? There are a few different ways to accomplish this, but some of our favorites are:

  • In a hot air balloon
  • In a tree house
  • On a private jet

If you’re really into the outdoors, you could even set up a “glamping” adventure after the ceremony in the sky, so that guests can soak up the atmosphere as well.

  1. In the sea.

married at sea

If you love the water, tying the knot on the open sea may be just up your alley. Whether it’s a sailboat, a yacht, a riverboat, or a ferry, your guests are sure to love it. The backgrounds for pictures will be to die for as well! If you’re worried about guests getting seasick, you can always keep the ship docked and still experience the ways of the water.

  1. At a music festival.

music festival wedding

Attn: music lovers, did you know that getting married at music festivals is an option? If you really want to stray from the norm, celebrate your marriage with an offbeat, entertaining day full of music, art, and tons of fun. You won’t have to decorate, or worry about people being bored. That’s for sure.

These may seem far-fetched for some, but for creative couples, these 7 unique wedding venues are sure to inspire a quirky and exclusive celebration that guests will remember for years to come.

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