• 10 First Date Ideas!
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10 First Date Ideas!

first date ideas

We all know that the first date is always a little nerve wracking! We wanted to give you guys some ideas on how to take some of the pressure off. There is obviously nothing wrong with getting dinner on your first date, but doing something totally out of the box can make the experience much more exciting!

  1. Bring out your competitive and fun side by taking your date to an arcade or fair. This helps you guys to unwind and have some fun while still getting to know one another! As long as your date isn’t too competitive, it could be a really fun night!
  2. Instead of going to one place and having your typical dinner, you can start at one restaurant for appetizers, the next for the entrees, and the last for the desert! Its like three dates in one! I have done this before and I must say, it is a blast!
  3. Animals always bring out the loving side of people. Why don’t you head to a local animal shelter and spread the love? It could be a great icebreaker!
  4. Rent some bikes and ride through the city with each other. You guys can get some exercise while getting to know one another.
  5. Score tickets to see a concert! You guys can sing your little hearts out to your favorite song, and the rest will fall into place.
  6. Take a road trip to the next state over and try something new together. Stop at places that stand out on the side of country roads and be as adventurous as possible!
  7. Take a cooking class together. Come on ladies, who doesn’t find a man that can cook extremely attractive? Lets test the waters a little bit and see what they can do!
  8.  Set up your own personal wine tasting at your house. This allows you guys to save some money while also keeping the romance there! Who doesn’t love some wine?
  9. Take a day trip to the beach and walk on the boardwalk! Indulge in some fatty foods. Boardwalk fries, ice cream, pizza! Go into the stores and try on funny hats and sunglasses! Let loose and be silly for the day. Everybody needs a little fun in his or her lives.
  10. Go to a local farmers market and pick out some awesome ingredients for a fancy dinner later on in the evening. You guys will have the whole day to get to know each other so that later on in the evening you can loosen up a bit and crack a bottle of wine! Again, wine is GOOD!
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    Laurie Calkins
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